Association Consulting

Cycle Real Estate, Inc.’s Association Management Consulting Services

In this industry’s ever-changing world of legal rulings, best practices, government regulations and tax laws, it’s good to have the professionals at Cycle Real Estate, Inc. available to consult with.

Cycle Real Estate, Inc. has been managing Homeowners and Condominium Associations for over eighteen years. Our average client relationship of over twelve years is a testament to the reliability and consistency of our services. We offer professional advice to established and newly appointed Boards as well as self-managed homeowner and condominium associations.

Consulting Services

Cycle Real Estate, Inc. will provide advice and consult with the Board on any operational and business issues.

Board Training

Cycle Real Estate, Inc. will provide for opportunities, development and training of Board members.

Budgeting 101 & Reserve Funding

Cycle Real Estate, Inc. will advise and aid the Board in the development and implementation of a balanced budget as well as funding programs.

Attend Board Meeting

A representative from Cycle Real Estate, Inc. will attend a few board meetings either to facilitate the meeting process or just as an observer with recommendations & follow-up comments.

Committee Structures

Cycle Real Estate, Inc. will advise and aid in forming committees.

Service Recommendations:

Cycle Real Estate, Inc. will make recommendations for service providers and vendors that fit the association’s needs.

Homeowners Manual

Cycle Real Estate, Inc. will help develop a homeowner’s manual for your association.

Reserve Study

Cycle Real Estate, Inc. will aid in the selection of a Reserve Study Vendor Specialist for your reserve study.

Our Rates

$100.00 per hour + expenses, with a two hour minimum. Call (360) 753-0916 and schedule your free ½ hour informational meeting today. This meeting is conducted at our office.

Let us show you what a positive difference we can make for your homeowners association.