Tenant Information

Reporting Emergency Maintenance Issues:  Please call 911 for all emergencies, such as FIRE, FLOOD, or BREAK-INS.
During Business Hours:
  • After you have called 911, please call our office at 360-753-0916, to report the incident.
  • IMPORTANT: You are required to submit written notice of the incident to our office.

After Business Hours & Weekends:  

  • After you have called 911, please call our office at 360-753-0916. Follow the prompts and you will be transferred to our maintenance staff.
  • This is only for emergency maintenance issues such as running water, backed up sewer/septic systems, a leaking roof or 911 emergencies.

Reporting General Maintenance / Non-Emergency Repairs:

  • For all regular maintenance requests: Please come into our office, call or email to report the problem.
  • IMPORTANT: All maintenance requests must be submitted in writing, even if you initially called to report the problem. (See Tenant Request Form) Please include, name, address, contact phone numbers and precise description of maintenance problem.
  1. Our office hours are 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM Monday thru Friday.
  2. Phone number (360) 753-0916.   Fax number (360) 753-0931
  3. Please report the problem to our office as soon as it happens.
  4. It is important that we are given a precise description of the problem.
  5. If it is determined that an appointment is needed, you will be contacted.

You may submit a maintenance request via email to info@cyclerealestate.com Please include in your email the following information:

  • Your name        *Address      *Contact phone numbers (so we can set up an appointment, if necessary)
  • We will need to know if the maintenance personnel have your permission to enter your home to make repairs without anyone being home.

Scheduling & Handling of Non-Emergency Repairs: 

  • We need your current contact information.
  • We will need to know if the maintenance personnel have your permission to enter your home to make repairs.
  • If a week has passed and an appointment has not been scheduled, please call our office to check on the status of your work request.
  • Priority repairs such as broken pipes, no heat, non-working refrigerator, roof leaks, etc., will be scheduled first.
  • The maintenance supervisor will assign the work order to maintenance personnel or a vendor.
  • The maintenance personnel or vendor will call you and schedule an appointment.
  • The maintenance personnel will try to contact the tenant two times.
  • If the tenant does not reply in a timely manner, the work request will become inactive.
  • After the repair\s are completed and if the problem continues, please call the office and let us know as soon as you discover the reoccurring problem.

Some of the maintenance items tenant is responsible for:

  • Changing all furnace filters and having fireplaces/chimneys cleaned annually.
  • Maintaining the grounds – mowing, weeding, watering.
  • Keeping driveways and sidewalks clean and free of debris.
  • Picking up all trash.
  • Replacing light bulbs.
  • Replacing smoke alarm batteries including carbon monoxide detector batteries.

As per lease agreement tenant will be charged for:

  • “Lock Outs” (Lock outs are not considered as an emergency) (see lease)
  • Damages caused by the tenant such as foreign objects in toilet or garbage disposals, etc.
  • Prolonged and excessive water usage due to running toilets/dripping faucets.
  • If you fail to report a maintenance problem and there are any damages, you may be responsible for those damages.

Maintenance Prevention Tips:

  • Please be sure to turn off all electrical appliances and water when not in use.
  • Electricity goes out in portion of home: Check GFI’s outlets, they may be located in the bathroom, kitchen or garage. The GFI outlet is an electrical outlet with reset or test button in the middle of the outlet faceplate. There may be more than one GFI outlet in your home. Press the reset / test button on each GFI outlet.
  • Circuit breaker keeps shutting off: Turn breaker off, unplug small appliances such as toaster, coffee pot, microwave, blow dryer, etc. Turn the circuit breaker back on. Plug one of the small appliances back in and turn on to see if the power has been restored.
  • During the winter, please remove all garden hoses and wrap outside faucets & pipes (houses/duplexes) to prevent pipes from freezing.
  • Garbage disposal will not work: Disposal may need to be reset -Reset button is underneath the disposal.
  • Chirping smoke alarm or carbon monoxide detector – Replace the batteries.

Septic Systems:

  • As a reminder, if your residence is served by a septic system, we need your help to keep the system in top working condition so you can avoid sewer back-ups or failures:

Please do not put the following items down the drains or toilets:

  • Grease
  • Plastic or rubber of any kind
  • Feminine hygiene materials
  • Hair – Please put hair from bathroom drains or brushes into the garbage, not the toilet
  • Cigarettes or Cigars
  • Paper wrappers or paper materials other than toilet paper
  • Toxic or hazardous chemicals
  • Septic tank additives and/or cleaners
  • Baby wipes / diapers
  • Q-tips / Personal Wipes